Thank you so much for getting us through what is normally a stressful moment in everyone’s life. Who knew there would be a global pandemic just to make it more difficult?! You helped get us through these rough seas with nary a ripple. 

With much appreciation and kindest regards,



I just want to thank Judy and Julie at Platinum Key Escrow for doing another fantastic closing on Via Faisan. It closed at $1,709,000. They always make us shine. 



Judy, Erica,

Thank you so much for your help.  Communication was excellent and the process was painless.  Jackie and I really appreciated your professionalism we definitely benefitted from the combined skillset of Platinum Key and Bullock Russell!

Hope to do it again soon! 



Judy and Julie are amazing. We recently closed a 120 day escrow that in the end involved attorneys on both sides. The girls worked hard, never complained and always had such a nice attitude!

Thank you Judy and Julie!



Here I sit on a Saturday evening working of course and your escrow staff no matter what day it is or the time of night they respond to me!

Judy and Julie are exceptional escrow officers. Always a Joy and always ready to help me.


Cooperating Agent


You deserve a raise, a bonus and a promotion! I can’t thank you enough for all the extra time you spent on my situation, and then coming up with the best solution. You are amazing!



Thank YOU Julie!  You have been incredibly prompt, helpful, and professional throughout this process, and I greatly appreciate that.  As you know, this can be (and has been) a stressful process, and it has been very reassuring to have you gently guiding, reminding, and reassuring me at every step.

I greatly appreciate your professionalism.



Thanks all for your diligent and efficient work. We feel so lucky and glad to have you in this transaction. It is our first time to buy a house, but your great job eased our mind and helped us finish the process smoothly.  Wish you all the best in the future.

Jialei and Lu